Kyrvistgtin Zirschisten Gestapo (KZG) The KZG is an elite military faction in Advanced Warfare: the KZG wars. They speak Deutch-Zind. Their primary weapons are AK-74M's and G3A3's. They also can carry MP5K's, AK-74U's, FN FAL 50-00's, and UZI's. There are 3 branches:

         Kyrvistgtin Zirschisten Gestapo(KZG)military regulars
         Kyrvistgtin Zirschisten eXtraussen(KZX)special forces
         Kyrvistgtin Zirschisten Zindstrumgeist(KZZ)like CIA

They play the role of antagonists and protagonists as you go through the game. The Rebels are a brake off from the KZG faction.